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Simplify how you Share CAD 

SECURE SOLIDWORKS® CAD data, collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on any device



solidworks® users

  • One-Click from SOLIDWORKS® Part, Assembly, Or Drawings

  • Upload directly to your secure ONSHAPE® account 

  • Share with anyone, anywhere, on any device

  • Try For Free with a commercial or free ONSHAPE® account.    


onshape® users

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  • Upload your legacy SOLIDWORKS® CAD data to ONSHPAE

  • Select and Upload directly to your secure ONSHAPE® account 

  • Update design changes

  • Try For Free

  • Contact us for large data transfer and PLM projects  

3D Data Consumers

  • Stay Updated with the latest SOLIDWORKS® CAD data  

  • Communicate directly with the designer  

  • Apply local changes easily 

  • Try For Free

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Upload SOLIDWORKS® CAD data directly to ONSHAPE®, a secure 3D cloud platform, to streamline data sharing, communication, and collaboration 

Why we created the CAD to Cloud


About 20 Million designers and engineers worldwide use CAD software to create design data; however, the CAD ecosystem is much bigger and includes more than 200 Million users that consume and contribute to that data as a part of the production workflow. Those users come from various solution providers and professions: art and industrial designer, technical writers, packaging designer, render and simulation specialists, sales and marketing departments, cables and wire harness designer, prototype builders, mold designer, 3D printing, and machining shops, etc. 

Today, the most common way to exchange CAD files is through email or cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive. So, These methods are not adapted for 3D engineering data, require duplication of the existing information that leads to computability, slow the process and cause security issues. 

There are several reasons why direct access to the original data is denied:

  • There are not on the same IT infrastructure (different companies or locations)

  • They don’t use the same CAD product

  • Security and IP control

CAD to Cloud offers a one-click upload of SOLIDWORKS®CAD data directly to ONSHAPE®,a secure 3D cloud platform for straight forward  sharing and communication 

Click to learn how CAD to Cloud compares to your current technologies. 


How it works

  • IMPORTANT NOTE - This application is for technology preview only. We will not be responsible for any damage caused 

Direct publish from CAD:                                                    Batch Loading to Onshape:

  • Open SOLIDWORKS®file

  • Click Tools->Onshare->Publish icon 

First time installation

  • Download and Install the CAD to Cloud app  

  • Open SOLIDWORKS® and go to Tools/Add-Ins to activate the CAD to Cloud add-in

  • find CAD to Cloud icon is at the SOLIDWORKS® add-Ins Tab 


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